Prep Underway for Conception 2017

BURN2 Conception 2017As you may have been hearing, we have Conception coming up the weekend of the 14th of July. The Lamplighters in SL will be opening and closing as usual, and as usual we like to find a fun way to do it. Come join us and throw in some of your ideas! We also have a couple of other events to look forward to and get ready.

You can always drop a notecard on the Elders – iSkye Silverweb, Freia Guillaume, or Dream Wrexan – if you have an idea, suggestion or offer of something to share or do. Meeting today at 10:00am SLT (4th of June), as we usually meet on the first Sunday of each month. Come join us, find us on the playa somewhere.


Conception 2014

Inworld, we have been hearing news of the upcoming Conception event at BURN2. The setting is a Moonscape, the story goes like this:

Conception: A time to celebrate beginnings, and a time to celebrate the future, whether it is that of Burning Man, our experience with it, or the people we have and will come to know through it. How did we find these crazy folk we call Burners, how did we become Burners, and do we see a future Burning bright?

Sometimes it is good to look back at where we came from, so we can see how far we have come. A long, long, long, long, long time ago where we live now, looked much like our moon. So as we look back at the start of the flame this year, let’s do it under the stars on a landscape just waiting to come to life.

Conception 2014

As a Lamplighter, when you think about birth, conception, the start of things, what comes to mind? For us, bringers of the Fire, bringers of light at dark, at Conception, we will bring the fire to the event, with a Procession. We’ll light lamps along a path to the central gathering place, and there we will drum and dance to start the Conception week.

You are most warmly invited to join the procession on June 22nd at 10:00am SLT/PDT. Camp. Everyone is welcome to follow the Lamplighters Procession. We will gather at the Lamplighters Village on the virtual Playa about a half hour beforehand, don robes, and form up for a silent procession around the Playa to the gathering place below Center Once there we will drum and dance and bring the fire to the event and the Conception event will be officially open.

For more information about Conception, visit

Drumming at Conception FRIDAY 10:00am SLT

Lamplighters at Conception 2012Lamplighters, boys and girls!

We got a heads up from BURN2 that Philip Rosedale will be at Conception Friday at 10:30am SLT.

Our presence is requested at 10:00am, to drum and warm things up before Philip’s arrival.

Come one, come all! Come in robes with drums and fire!

Please arrive a few minutes early so we can get situated and started by 10:00.

Friday, 20th of June 10:00am SLT
Center Camp, Burning Man – Deep Hole
SLURL: Center Camp, Burning Man – Deep Hole