The Temple at Burning Man in 2017

We have a reveal of what the Temple will look like at Burning Man this year. It is truly incredible, and carries on the tradition of being a solemn place of reflection and healing. Be sure to read the article at this site: Temple 2017.

The Temple at BURN2’s upcoming Octoburn event will be ready! It is vastly different to the Temple at Burning Man, as has been the case in recent years.

In BURN2 news…
This coming weekend is a fundraiser event at BURN2, with bowling alleys, bowling shirts, and big fun planned – go and participate, be generous with your lindens. The more donations received the more sims we can get for Octoburn this year!

And, there is a poster contest underway for the upcoming Burnal Equinox event that will take place at the end of April. Do participate! Share your ideas of what ideas and inspirations the theme, Sacred and Profane, evokes in you!

See the post.


The Lamplighters on the Playa on Press Day!

BURN2’s annual Big Burn themed “Da Vinci’s Workshop” is set to open with the Lamplighters leading a procession onto the playa at 10:00am SLT. We will welcome everyone to the event and follow a route around the playa, from the Welcome Area and ending at the Lamplighters Village. This will also be the first of the twice-daily processions the Lamplighters will lead; however all other processions will start from the Lamplighters Village.

The Lamplighters procession schedule will be daily at 12:00pm SLT and 6:00pm SLT (except for Saturday the 15th, when we start at 10am instead of 12pm) from the 15th through the 21st of October. The 22nd and 23rd are Burn days, and for those our processions will be at 11am and 5pm – we’ll be treated to performances by the Fire Dancers at each of those, just before the Burns.

So that’s our schedule. Lucy our trusty truck will be with us, taking us around the playa on Press Day, and she will be parked near the Village throughout the week of the Burn. All Lamplighters are urged, invited, delightedly coaxed to come and join us at any or all of our processions. The more the merrier, with a few surprises thrown in!

Now, about Press Day – that is Friday, the 14th of October! Lamplighters, we have Lucy to drive us onto the playa and welcome the press onto the Playa. There are two Press Day sessions when the playa will be open to press. We want you there! Come in your robes at just before 12:00pm SLT, or just before 7:00pm SLT, to join us in the ride-on. Our trusty old girl Lucy is ready to take onto the playa and on to the Village!

Lamplighters Village 2016

Burn On…

With a heavy heart we share news about a much-loved Elder, Lamplighter, Fire Dancer and longtime Burner, Ladyslipper Constantine.

Yesterday the 17th of September, after a valiant fight against cancer, she passed away peacefully, surrounded by loved ones. She will be dreadfully missed, but we shall treasure our memories of this deeply passionate Burner. She takes a bit of our Lamplighter fire with her into the next life.


Join us in thoughts, prayers and well wishes toward her family and friends in RL and virtual.


UPDATE: There was a message shared inworld, sent from Virtual Ability, inviting residents in SL who knew and loved LS.

There will be a Celebration of Life hosted by Virtual Ability for Ladyslipper Constantine on Saturday, Oct 1 at 11am SLT, on the northeast lawn of Virtual Ability island.

The celebration will begin with some of her friends offering memories in text+voice, because LS was part of the deaf community in SL.

A slideshow will display photos of the many events LS participated in. If you have SL images, please send them to iSkye Silverweb for inclusion. There will also be music and dancing. LS loved a good party!

Celebrate Ladyslipper’s life with us. For more information, please contact Gentle Heron, Eme Capalini, or Treasure Ballinger in world.

Lamplighters Meeting and Drumming

The Lamplighters will have a meeting today at 10:00am SLT inworld on the BURN2 playa followed by a bit of drumming and our usual fiery camaraderie. ALL Lamplighters group members are welcome to join us! We have several topics to discuss – new robes ideas, Octoburn, and a few more.

A bit of additional news: There will be a BURN2 Burniversity Texture Skins class offered on the virtual playa Saturday the 16th of July. Daark will show you how to create fabulous skins to wear at the annual BURN2 Skin Burn that follows the October Burn event, without needing to use UV templates or complicated graphics programs. See more details about that on BURN2’s website.

Meeting with Lamplighters

Seeking Fire Dancers!

At our last meeting, we talked about bringing back the Fire Dancers. One of our Elders, Ladyslipper Constantine, will lead this new sub-group of the virtual Lamplighters. This is an exciting more forward to bring a little bit more of Burning Man into BURN2.

While Fire Conclave and the Fire Dancers at Burning Man are comprised of several different groups of enthusiastic Burners, we are starting with a sub-group within the virtual Lamplighters, because since our formation we have always had the Fire Dancer role available; it was a vision to bring the Fire Dancers into the virtual setting and see how it grows.

If you are a member of the virtual Lamplighters group, you can contact Ladyslipper Constantine. If you have been a Fire Dancer at Burning Man and would like to add your spark to this endeavour, you will need to join the virtual Lamplighters group in Second Life, then contact Ladyslipper Constantine.

And, if you have never been in Second Life, but you have Fire Danced at Burning Man and would like to do so with the virtual Fire Dancers, you are most welcome to do so! Be sure to contact us and let us know – we will help you to create a Second Life account and find your way to the virtual Playa to join us.