Winter Solstice & Lamplighters in BURN2

Winter Solstice with the LamplightersLooking to observe the Solstice, the longest night of the year? Come, warm your spirits and pixels in the Lamplighters Village on the virtual playa in Deep Hole on Friday 22nd December, and while the night is long, the cheer is infectious, the fiery enthusiasm will carry us through the long cold darkness into the morning!

We will dance and enjoy together a little fire, a little fun, and at 5pm SLT (PST) we have a special treat with ~DRUM~ performing on the playa. Not heard them before? Join us and be one with the rhythms!


Lamplighters Dancing in the BURN2 Man Embers

Created by our very own, Elder Apollo Manga. Enjoy and share!

The Temple Burns at Radical Ritual

With the affinity for the Temple that the Lamplighters have at BURN2, we really love being close to, inside it, and part of it. Daark Gothly shares this to show the Temple as it started to Burn.

The Radical Ritual Temple at BURN2

Also from the Flickr photostream of Sammi Cerise.

Also from Fauve Aeon’s collection: BURN2 2017.


Temple Burn Fire Dance

The Lamplighters Look Forward to OctoBurn 2017

Looking forward, we’ve got new reason to do so – we have new ROBES! They are partial mesh outfits and they are BEAUTIFUL. You can see them in the photos below this post. We will distribute them personally to group members – contact one of these Elders inworld: iSkye Silverweb, Freia Guillaume or Dream Wrexan.

We also have a place marked out on the playa for our Village for OctoBurn. Thanks to the generosity of members of The Lamplighters group, HeadLampe announced at last meeting that we were able to cover the full cost of a 2048 square meter plot for the Village. Donations are always appreciated, and the Lindens go toward the Lamplighters’ participation in the annual OctoBurn and other BURN2 events during the year. We are very excited that Dream Wrexan is going to build this year’s Village for OctoBurn. If you’d like to contribute one of your own creations to the build, contact Dream inworld.


At the BURN2 Center Camp Sunday night, The Lamplighters performed a Fire Dance together while waiting for the Temple Burn to commence. For a while there was some uncertainty as to whether we would be able to get a live stream of it, but it started on schedule, we saw the live stream, and we enjoyed watching a fabulous Temple Burn. Thank you to Motorbikematt for all his efforts!

We’ve got a lot of exciting things coming this year! Come join us at the next meeting, first Sunday in October – get your NEW robes, share input and ideas for the processions, contribute to the build of our Village, and just hang out with your fellow Lamplighters inworld! We look forward to seeing you.

Burn On!

Prep Underway for Conception 2017

BURN2 Conception 2017As you may have been hearing, we have Conception coming up the weekend of the 14th of July. The Lamplighters in SL will be opening and closing as usual, and as usual we like to find a fun way to do it. Come join us and throw in some of your ideas! We also have a couple of other events to look forward to and get ready.

You can always drop a notecard on the Elders – iSkye Silverweb, Freia Guillaume, or Dream Wrexan – if you have an idea, suggestion or offer of something to share or do. Meeting today at 10:00am SLT (4th of June), as we usually meet on the first Sunday of each month. Come join us, find us on the playa somewhere.