About Us

Since 2007, the Lamplighters have been strong proponents of the Burning Man culture and values; we welcome anyone into our group who shares these same values and supports the Ten Principles of Burning Man.

While we don’t formally teach the Ten Principles, we do offer them in writing through (free, of course) vendors in our Village. Much more importantly, we instill those sacred principles through the way we conduct ourselves and our events – we teach by doing rather than by talking.

The Lamplighters Council of Elders is what makes up a core leadership of sorts, with a representative to the BURN2 organisation. The Council meet whenever the need arises. We are a largely harmonious group, dedicated to the spirit of the Burn.

We don’t require volunteers, or any structured commitments. Anyone who wishes to contribute time, talents, or resources is welcome to do so, but not required. All we ask for is simply this: when you are at one of our events, participate! Cheer us on, get a drum, dance with us, even walk with us in our processions. This is, after all, the true spirit of the Burn.

We see our mission as follows:

  • We come to BURN2 events as a group, set up a camp where all are welcome to participate fully in our activities, whether they are members of our group, or not. We set out gifts and drums so that anyone can drop in and drum alone, or form spontaneous dance and drum circles.
  • In cooperation with the BURN2 core we set a schedule and route for our nightly lamplighting processions. As you know, Burning Man is not a spectator event. It’s about participation! And so, in Second Life too, all are welcome to join in with us in the processions. In a very real sense, we bring the Burning Man/BURN2 community together;
  • Following the procession, we assemble with all who care to participate; at The Temple, The Village, Center Camp or elsewhere, and spend the hours of darkness, dancing, drumming, socializing and celebrating fire and community.

We love to inspire the sense of community that the Burn brings, through our drumming, dancing and welcoming others to simply share in our joy of being and doing together – this is the very essence of the Burning Culture.


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