The Temple at Burning Man in 2017

We have a reveal of what the Temple will look like at Burning Man this year. It is truly incredible, and carries on the tradition of being a solemn place of reflection and healing. Be sure to read the article at this site: Temple 2017.

The Temple at BURN2’s upcoming Octoburn event will be ready! It is vastly different to the Temple at Burning Man, as has been the case in recent years.

In BURN2 news…
This coming weekend is a fundraiser event at BURN2, with bowling alleys, bowling shirts, and big fun planned – go and participate, be generous with your lindens. The more donations received the more sims we can get for Octoburn this year!

And, there is a poster contest underway for the upcoming Burnal Equinox event that will take place at the end of April. Do participate! Share your ideas of what ideas and inspirations the theme, Sacred and Profane, evokes in you!

See the post.


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