Octoburn is Coming

The Lamplighters are getting started with planning their Village for the Big Burn event of the year at BURN2, coming up in October.

Last month at our meeting, we talked about creating our Village to follow the theme of this year’s Octoburn event, which is “Da Vinci’s Workshop.” As is BURN2 custom, we are following the Burning Man theme this year.

Some Lamplighters voiced interest in helping to plan the village for the upcoming Octoburn. While some of you may not be able to help with all phases of the village preparation, you can help with specific tasks. Freia has started an email list to send updates to – and get feedback from – those who are interested in this project of ours, so that you’ll be well informed. If for any reason you no longer want to be included just tell Freia inworld, or reply to one of the emails and ask to be removed from her list.

Freia and iSkye are anxious to have other members of our group involved. They felt it would be best to have at least one meeting of minds before they are both gone- Freia for a week, iSkye for nearly the whole dang month of August!

Can you meet this weekend? Please contact Freia with some times on Saturday or Sunday (July 30th or 31st). If we can get together for a short brainstorming session, we can at least get the ball of creativity rolling, of which our old buddy Da Vinci would approve!

Additionally…if you are going to That Thing In The Desert, contact Suz Super or Timothy McTaggart inworld – they are organising a meetup or BURN2 Burners at Burning Man. Last year they even managed to get on a cam feed and we saw them live at Burning Man, in SL. It was really cool.



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