BURN2 Skin Burn!

BURN2’s decompression event, Skin Burn, will take place this Saturday the 7th of November. The Burns will be held twice: 10:00am PST/SLT and 6:00pm PST/SLT.

The Burns are open to the public, however, it is meant to be a low-lag Burn experience. To accomplish that, you will need to go to an off-playa check-in area to detach and reduce your scripts and Avatar Rendering Weight (ARW) before you can get the group tag and teleport to the playa. The playa will be closed to all except members of the “BURN2 Skin Burn” group. The Burns will be followed by much dancing in the embers to tunes spun by DJs.

To prepare for the Skin Burn, full information on how to pass the check-in can be found at BURN2’s website.

Skin Burn 2014


A Little BURN2 Retrospective

Numerous photos have been shared on Flickr about the BURN2: Carnival of Mirrors event that ended last Sunday. We thought you might like to see some showing the Lamplighters and their NEW, beautiful processions.



Share links in comments to other great pictures and even machinima of Lamplighters at BURN2 Carnival of Mirrors!