BURN2 Carnival of Mirrors Opens TODAY

At noon Pacific time today, the 17th of October, the Lamplighters will open the eagerly anticipated BURN2 event called “Carnival of Mirrors” with their first procession.

We have some new things coming this year! You will immediately notice that we have synchronised processions, to help keep us together as we move along the procession route. Up to four groups of 10 avatars can walk together (total of 10 to 40, depending on the number of available Elders to lead each group). This allows us to keep the Lamplighters and participants together in procession and move along the route in a more orderly fashion. The walk is a slow, dignified movement. We don’t drum or dance, but rather we silently walk and two Lighters will light the lamps as we go along, all the way from the Village to the Temple.

Just show up at the Village about a half hour (or even an hour) early and we will quickly show how we will do our processions. This is new for all of us this year and we hope it will greatly improve the look and movement of our processions. Once we arrive at the Temple, we’ll do our usual enthusiastic fiery dancing and drumming and then quietly head back to the Village. After we return everyone is welcome to stay and continue drumming.

The Lamplighters Village is just a short walk from the main Gate at BURN2 – you can see the Lamplighter Man. Can’t miss him!

See you at the Village – and BURN ON!