Lamplighters Meeting – Plans for October

The virtual Lamplighters met on Monday evening the 14th of September at 6:30pm SLT. We discussed several topics and we have some exciting and fun plans for the upcoming October Burn. You can see a summary of what we discussed at the meeting here: The Lamplighters Meeting 14 September 2015. We also have an account of an experience of one of us at Burning Man: Freia: Lamplighters at BRC.

If unable to get the documents (which are in PDF format), contact iSkye Silverweb inworld for a notecard version.

Our next meeting will be on the 4th of October 2015, 10:00am SLT. This is also the date when we will have our drive-on to the virtual Playa with Lucy. All Lamplighters are welcome to participate and to help with decorating the Lamplighter Village when we set it up after the drive-on. Details on where to meet, etc. will be sent in a group notice closer to the date.


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