Thoughts on the Temple at Burning Man / BURN2

We Lamplighters have a special affinity to the Temple at BURN2 – just as our RL counterparts do at Burning Man.

The affiinity is perhaps stronger in the virtual regional. You may not know this, but the Lamplighters Elders Council are tasked with overseeing the build of the Temple at BURN2. We seek out the builders, who then study past Temples and the current year’s theme for the upcoming BURN2 event in October, then come up with a design for the next Temple in Second Life. This design is reviewed and approved by the BURN2 Steering Committee and then building commences once the sim for its placement becomes available.

This post written by a Burner, Ian Baker, is so inspiring and thoughtfully written. Please read it and feel free to share on, and leave a comment at that site or under this post.

Link: When the Temple Falls

Here are pictures of past Temples from BURN2. Are you looking forward to the one for 2014?

BURN2 2013 Temple
BURN2 2013 Temple
BURN2 2012 Temple
BURN2 2012 Temple
BURN2 2011 Temple
BURN2 2011 Temple
BURN2 2010 Temple
BURN2 2010 Temple

BURN2’s Caravansary is Coming – Plot Sales Open Now

The event we all look forward to is coming in October. Be sure and mark your calendars: October 18-26, 2014.

BURN2 Caravansary 2014

The Lamplighters participate with a Village and processions. Some of us also get plots as a show of support and collaboration with BURN2. We encourage you to participate in any way you can!

For details about the plot sale or the event, visit the BURN2 website.

BURN2 Caravansary 2014  Plot Sale

The Lamplighters at BURN2

Thanks to a nudge from Lamplighter Neeks Karu, I’ve learned there is a lovely 15-minute clip by Sophia Yates of some Lamplighters drumming together, taken on Saturday, the 5th of July. We love it when people join in, Burner style! You can view this clip at Second Life Lamplighters 2014 on

Sophia Yates 05jul2014

Monthly Drumming: Saturday, July 5, 7:30pm SLT/PDT

As Lamplighters are wont to do, we get a need to get together, drum, dance and of course, start a little fire or two!

You’re welcome to join our monthly drumming in our Village on the virtual Playa – you do not have to be a Lamplighter to share in our Burning spirit!

When in Second Life, about 7:30pm Pacific time, find your way to the Playa:

Lamplighters at Conception 2014