Burnal Equinox Opens…

…and the Lamplighters brought the fire – by balloon! It was a great start to a fabulous weekend! We danced, drummed and burned to the tunes of Eifachfilm aka Eif! We loved every minute of it. See the pics below and plan to join us Saturday morning – we start at 11am SLT but be there early, at least by 10:30am, to get ready on balloons.





Starting SATURDAY, April 5th, we will be getting together for our monthly drummings on the first SATURDAY of each month, at 7:30pm SLT. This was to enable more of our members to participate, especially those in Australian and Asian timezones. We hope you can join us!

Burn on!

Burnal Equinox! Are You Ready?

Hello Lamplighters! We will get together on the Lamplighters Village platform at Burnal Equinox, high above the very toxic and blighted playa, on Friday the 28th of March at 11:00am SLT. We’ll be doing a procession to open Burnal Equinox starting at 12:00pm SLT – on a balloon! Come early to get the details and get ready to open Burnal Equinox – we’ll give them a good dose of FIRE and fun!

To get there, meet up with us at 11am at the Welcome Area at Burnal Equinox, at 11:00am SLT. More information about Burnal Equinox is available at burn2.org.