Coming Up: Drumming and Burnal Equinox

In February and March for our monthly drummings, our Village will not be on the playa – at least, not on the dusty, dry, ancient seabed playa. Instead we will find our way UP, 275 meters above the playa floor, above the strange, greenish toxic gas filling the valley. We’ll go up into the rarefied, clearer air and habitable space above.

What is that green gooey gas on the playa? What’s with the gas masks? What’s this “hotter than air”? Learn more about it on BURN2’s website.

Burnal Equinox Lamplighters Drumming

And so you see, this year we’ll celebrate Burnal Equinox in a very different way. Our playa will up in the air, on platforms suspended by balloons filled with fairy dust. To find our Village, look for our Lamplighter Man!

Come in robes, bring drums and your Burning spirit and BURN ON with us!