Come to the Playa With the Lamplighters!

We will gather for our monthly drumming at our Village on the virtual Playa! We are truly excited and happy to be back HOME on a monthly basis to bring together our Burner friends and family. Everyone is welcome.

Join us on the first of December at 7:30pm SLT/Pacific Time and celebrate the joy of the season in true Burning fashion!


A Call to SKIN BURN!



We are called to the Burn, once again! This time it is the Skin Burn and it will take place twice on Saturday, the 9th of November, at 9:00am SLT and 6:00pm SLT. It is our privilege to bring our fire to the event, to inspire and spread the joy of the Burning community.

The playa is now CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC; check-in will open 2 hours before each Burn time. You will need to go to the off-playa check-in area and detach and de-script. Once down to just skins (system clothing optional) you will be invited into a special group and given the landmark to the playa. Be creative! Your skin can be art, infused with fire!

The check-in location will be open at 7am SLT and 4pm SLT:
BURN2 Skin Burn Check-in Area


We will lead the community to dance in the embers when the Burn winds down. iSkye Silverweb will be with the Burn crew under the Man. When the Burn winds down, iSkye will relay the signal to Freia Guillaume, then they will shout to our group, “Lamplighters, DANCE!” at which time you can do that thing you do so well – lead our community into the embers to the celebrate drumming, dance and FIRE.

Please come to one or both of the Burn times and share your special fiery spirit with all the Burning community!

Burn on!

The Lamplighter Elders