Lamplighters Drumming SUNDAY October 6!

Drumming with LamplightersLamplighters, we are now readying for the big BURN event! The Temple build is going beautifully, and JB has just finished loading up Lucy for the trip to the virtual playa. The Elders will ride onto the playa and set up camp – and we’ll be sure to share about the journey!

The Elders are getting their robes dusted off – we hope you’ve got yours ready too! – and soon we’ll be starting the first of our nightly processions at 7pm SLT on the 19th of October, at BURN2.

Get your drums and robes out, your dancing feet ready for an evening of drumming and dancing, starting at 7:30pm SLT! The location is here, in Tir Anam Cara. Lamplighter or no, you are welcome to be with us, to dance, to join us, drum and get ready to BURN!


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