Burnal Equinox Sunday Night

https://thelamplightersblog.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/sundayflyer.pngThe Lamplighters will perform a procession at 7:00pm SLT/PDT at Burnal Equinox. Join us! Burnal Equinox 2013 You may need to teleport to this location a second time to arrive at the Lamplighters Procession start location.

The Burnal Equinox event closes TONIGHT with a very special Burn of a pirate ship at 10:00pm SLT/PDT. Don’t miss it!


Burnal Equinox Opens!

Burnal Equinox 2013, OpeningThe Lamplighters’ opening procession at Burnal Equinox was a success! Nearly everyone on the sim participated and by the time we arrived at Center Camp and walked up onto the tent we had a great crowd of enthusiastic Burners! Be sure to check out our Flickr page.

We hope you’ll join us at our next procession on Saturday, 23 March at 7:00pm SLT! Check group notices for LM and other information.

Not a group member? NO PROBLEM! Come, drum with us, dance with us, celebrate the spirit of Burning Man with us!

Burnal Equinox Starts TODAY

And welcome to Burnal Equinox!

The Lamplighters will lead processions each day of Burnal Equinox:

  • Friday, 22 March 12:00 PM SLT/PDT
  • Saturday, 23 March 7:00 PM SLT/PDT
  • Sunday, 24 March 7:00 PM SLT/PDT

We will begin here:
(If you’re coming from SL to the Playa, use this a second time to get to the procession start location.)

We would be honoured if you would join our processions!

You will find our gift of drums to use during our processions at three locations on the Playa – just wear one of them, and they will activate when we begin our drumming at our procession destination.

You are also invited to join the Lamplighters group! When you’re inworld, ask any Lamplighter or Lamplighter Elder to invite you, or simply find our group, “The Lamplighters” and click the JOIN button.

Learn more about us and stay informed about our upcoming drumming events!

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The Lamplighters on Flickr


The Elders Council of the Lamplighters