Lamplighters Will Be There!

Lamplighter Procession October 2012The Lamplighters’ Elders have been meeting to plan the Village for the Playa and prepare for the actual build. We want to remind you that Burn2 is coming soon, very soon now, and we’ve got some things planned for the lead-up to the event. Please watch this space and your in-world group notices for more news! BURN ON!



It is almost time for the Lamplighters to gather once again for the highly ignited and spiritually satisfying event, Burn2 2012!

Just 42 days to go!

Time to start dusting off your robes, drums, and flaming batons. Beginning Saturday, October 20th @11:59 PM, the Lamplighters will be gathering underneath the stars and moon to dance and reconnect.

Are you ready? If so, yell it out… “I’m psyched as hell and am READY TO BURN!

Lamplighters 2012 at Center Stage
Lamplighters 2012 at Center Stage