Lamplighters Drumming June 2012Starting at 11:00 AM Pacific Time on Monday the 18th of June, Second Life® (SL) will celebrate its 9th birthday – what a bash it will be! In conjunction with this week-long event, BURN2 celebrates Conception – SL has its roots intertwined with those of BURN2, its Metaverse equivalent and an integral part of SL. Both grew out of Burning Man and are the brainchildren of Philip Rosedale.

The Lamplighters will gather in the Lamplighter Village in SL each night this week, from June 18th through the 24th at 7:00 PM Pacific Time, to drum, dance and burn. On Saturday and Sunday, the 23rd and 24th, at 8:00 PM, we will begin a Procession to Center Camp and perform a drumming session there. View our Calendar for more details.


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