Welcome to the Village

Welcome to the Village

Welcome to our Village. We drum, dance, and celebrate the Burn. The Lamplighters embrace the Ten Principles of Burning Man. We are closely aligned with the RL Burning Man organization and with BURN2. We enthusiastically welcome new members to drum and dance with us!

The Temple at Burning Man in 2017

We have a reveal of what the Temple will look like at Burning Man this year. It is truly incredible, and carries on the tradition of being a solemn place of reflection and healing. Be sure to read the article at this site: Temple 2017. The Temple at BURN2’s upcoming Octoburn event will be ready! … Continue reading

Looking Ahead: Fire Moon

A return to the default life for those of us active in BURN2, the virtual regional of Burning Man, brings with it effects similar to those experienced by the Burners who attended That Thing in the Desert back in August. While that event only occurs once per year, BURN2 hosts several smaller events between the … Continue reading

Lamplighters, Help Bring the Festival to Its Close

We are called to perform the last four processions of this festival, today the 22nd of October, and tomorrow the 23rd of October. Please arrive 30 minutes before each scheduled procession time. 10:30am SLT for the 11:00am procession followed by the 12:00pm Burn 4:30pm SLT for the 5:00pm procession followed by the 6:00pm Burn Fire … Continue reading