Welcome to the Village

Welcome to the Village

Welcome to our Village. We drum, dance, and celebrate the Burn. The Lamplighters embrace the Ten Principles of Burning Man. We are closely aligned with the RL Burning Man organization and with BURN2. We enthusiastically welcome new members to drum and dance with us! Advertisements

Lamplighters Meeting & Drumming

We were to meet last Sunday on the virtual playa but something was awry in world and so lag made chatting and getting anything happening, very difficult. This was a grid-wide problem, not just on BURN2’s sim. We decided we would postpone the meeting to next Sunday, the 14th of January, at 10:00am Pacific Time … Continue reading

Fire Dancers

Just a quick view of a short practice of Fire Dancers, earlier this evening, shown below, thanks to Fauve Aeon. Radical Ritual opens Saturday! The spires are out on the playa, the procession route is set, our schedule is also set. We will do processions twice daily starting with an 10:00am SLT (US Pacific) walk-on … Continue reading