Welcome to the Village

Welcome to the Village

Welcome to our Village. We drum, dance, and celebrate the Burn. The Lamplighters embrace the Ten Principles of Burning Man. We are closely aligned with the RL Burning Man organization and with BURN2. We enthusiastically welcome new members to drum and dance with us!

Burn On…

With a heavy heart we share news about a much-loved Elder, Lamplighter, Fire Dancer and longtime Burner, Ladyslipper Constantine. Yesterday the 17th of September, after a valiant fight against cancer, she passed away peacefully, surrounded by loved ones. She will be dreadfully missed, but we shall treasure our memories of this deeply passionate Burner. She … Continue reading

Octoburn is Coming

The Lamplighters are getting started with planning their Village for the Big Burn event of the year at BURN2, coming up in October. Last month at our meeting, we talked about creating our Village to follow the theme of this year’s Octoburn event, which is “Da Vinci’s Workshop.” As is BURN2 custom, we are following … Continue reading